Revival 01


July 30th - August 3rd, 2018


The theme of Lockdown this year is REVIVAL.

Here is a synopsis of what we hope to accomplish in this week of serving and learning:
"We have a problem being in the lives of our students. Many of them are merely going through the motions of life and just trying to survive their culture instead of being the transformational life changers God has called them to be. Revival is a study about fixing that problem. We want to change the conversation. We want students to live believing that not only can revival in our world be a reality but they can also be a part of it. With each lesson we hope that your students and you as well will be spurred on to bigger and greater things in the community around you and that together we will see revival happen in this generation. And we believe that this study will be an incredible tool for you in being a part of that movement."

We are hoping to have great serving opportunities on CCC campus as well as serving organizations in our community!